Our Vision


Whether married, single, widowed, or divorced....You're a part of the VICTORIOUS Family! VBM’s focus on family comes from the belief that a healthy family equals a healthy church and community. With this in mind, VBM places priority on programs that develop familial bonds. Members learn to define "family", not only as the people residing inside their own homes, but also as those they encounter within the ministry.

Our Marriage Enrichment department has worked to provide classes, conferences, and programs that enrich and strengthen the bonds between husband and wife. Couples learn that placing God above all else in the relationship is key to a long lasting, healthy marriage.

These teachings also flow through to our Singles Ministry. VBM makes an effort to provide programs that develop our singles whether they are young adults who have never been married, divorcees, single parents, or widowed. We address seeking the Kingdom first, sexual purity, financial management, and living ever day with purpose instead of waiting for a spouse to fulfill their destinies.